Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday FUNday: Miscellaneous Wants!!

less than three weeks till move in day...
which means
i have officially put on my big girl pants!
bought our first nice couch and chair this weekend from west elm.
and are on the hunt for some good labor day deals on:
fridge, mattress, and oven.
it finally is starting to feel real.
we are homeowners.
best words that game from military man "i want the whole house to come from west elm"
well that makes it easy...

here are a couple of my fav things i want for the house
pillows- for the couch of course
bowl and tray- to organize my jewels and perfume in the bathroom
shower curtain- i want to do navy and lavender in the guest back
vases- three to go on the side of the mantle with a large picture

what do you think???

and to share a piece of our house..
it was a loft that was used as a teenagers room...
why yes. that is neon orange spray paint on the wall...
doesn't it look fun to repaint.
i know you are envious!!!

happy sunday!


  1. Oh my word! Why would a parent allow their kid to do that? haha That is cra-zy. I love all of your picks! You are going to have some ultra fun colors and textures. :)

  2. Spray paint on the wall?! That is ridiculous!! Loving your west elm picks. Especially the pillows! Glad I ran across your blog, looking forward to reading more!!