Monday, August 20, 2012

August Birchbox Review

month two of my birchbox subscription...
i liked my box.
i loved my first box so...
there were high standards.
the stuff in this one were great just not as great..
but for $10 a mo i still am pretty happy!!!

here's this month's box

ok here's my rundown!!! (i didn't get any full size items besides the bonus razor...sad.)

[1]Schick Razor---haven't used it yet but a free razor and a good  coupon for blades sooo all in all winner!

[2]viva la juicy parfume---smells delicious!! perfect for date night! it's a bit strong for a daily wear but so fun and girly!!!

[3]theBalm Staintic---ok i have to admit i have been wanting this ever since i saw it appear in my friends box a few months ago. i love it!! i've used it only as lip stain but its awesome! gives a perfect color and lasts!!! especially with a light gloss over it. it does go on sticky...but if you can get over that its a great product. would love to buy full size!

[4]twistband hair tie yellow---super cute. i love these type of hair ties and am glad to have another colorful one!

[5]whisk shave cream---smells awesome...i am pretty cheap when it comes to shave cream, but this one might have won me over...its pretty good!!!

what'd yall get in your box????

if you are interested...go check it out here!!!

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  1. looks like a pretty good box! i love those hair ties!

  2. You got hair ties????? Jealous! This was my least favorite box......Im posting about mine on Wednesday......hopefully next month is more up my alley!


  3. I love the staniac and I still use the twistband I got in my first box (although I'm jealous that you got yellow)! The shaving cream sounds great! That does stink that you didn't get anything full size except for the razor. I wasn't as happy with this month's box either :/

  4. Hey there! I'm a new follower from the GFC hop and I'd love a follow back at! :)

  5. I love love love those hair ties!