Saturday, June 9, 2012

Viva Las Vegas....Family Reunion Style

the wrights treated us all to a family vacation/reunion/graduation trip. eight days of jam-packed fun. we even made a trip to the hoover dam/grand canyon (which i will post separately because this has already way too many pics in it!!!) i just couldn't choose my favorites. the group consisted of thomas and myself, my parents, his parents, his little sis, his uncles and aunts...a total of twelve. we got one group picture. figures. this trip is one i will remember forever. with the large number of people together, we ended up renting a house about 5 miles off the strip that held all of us comfortably and was $350 a night...with a hot tub...and a deal ever. thomas will be forever the tour guide and designated driver/gps inputer. i will be known as the "ooooo just one more picture" as thomas is saying you hit my daily photo limit within an hour of waking up....and the goofiness of bobby, ronnie, sylvia, and icky ricky (as they call my father in law)....siblings always make me laugh! their sweet wives that joined us (sue and cheryl) were amazing!!! ok...bear with me in my photo trip as usual

izzie and me with our inaugural drinks on the strip

bobby's first try at he kept saying "so what do i do now" just keep pushing the button bobby...

my better half

my beautiful mother in law and me inside venetian

my parents and me on the strip

 and this def happened....thank you very much
serendipity. my first visit. not my last.

the wright fam in front of nyny

the whole group before cirque de solei viva las vegas

the siblings..bobby, ronnie, sylvia, and ricky

the beautiful women of the trip

tommy and me right before la reve in the wynn

izzie and me before the show

alright. u made it. stay tuned for part two of the trip.

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