Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...and an exciting surprise!!!

happy monday blogging world. it has been quite a monday at the wright residence  (aka the inlaws) here's what we've been up to in our first official week as a san antonio couple...

my little nugget roxie and i like to wait for the cute military man to come home...

cute military man has arrived...i hope i never get used to seeing him in uniform. i love the way my heart flutters :)

lots of this has been happening....excuse the unmade bed. they love getting up there since pre-move they were hardly ever allowed.

i officially became a texan again after a THREE hour line at the dmv and i got a suntan while i was at it

made my first visit to the actual bank. for those who don't bank at usaa...this is the only physical banking center and since i worked there for three years in phx, this place is a mysterious place we call the mother ship. so it was really cool to see...

my mil and me have split dinners...two and two with one leftover. here's my first attempt at an asian turkey burger and baked carrots. it was good. we all agreed. recipe found here.

this lovely gem was seen driving the good ole streets of san antonio. we laughed a while over the absurdity of this and enjoyed debating whether or not it was going to be able to make the turn.

luckily for me and not so luckily for my diet nothing bundt cake opened the weekend we moved here. we got a free coupon for one of these cute bundtlets. notice there is more than one. of course i wanted to taste a few flavors and celebrate the military man's first week on active duty.

friday night we went out on our first date in san antonio. we found an amazing mediterranean restaurant to compare not replace our favorite phx spot...pita jungle. then we headed out to see snow white and the huntsmen at alamo drafhouse cinema. nothing can beat getting to order wine during your movie. this place is a must if you live around one.

my sil gave us this lovelyness that i have been dying to try. scentsy has started selling fondue warmers and i can't wait to get one....she is a consultant, so if you want to check them out go here. we haven't tried it yet, but i've heard the chocolate is unbelievably good. 

there's a few other things i didn't get to capture through photo that we've gotten to do since we've been home and before i share the big news. our niece turned 12 on the saturday we arrived and we got to actually celebrate a holiday with her (although a few days late. she's just not getting into justice and so we got her a giftcard to go shopping for herself. i remember those days but not so long ago it was limited too...the color, the sparkles...i remember it like it was yesterday ;) our dearest friends also came up for a short visit. our best man and beautiful wife. we love them so much and when they told us a year ago they were heading to dallas and away from san antonio, i was slightly heartbroken. (and thoroughly excited for their new adventures) they are our closest friends in san antonio and we were finally all going to live together. but 5 hours is better than 18 so i still am happy! ok now onto the exciting surprise!!!!

we are in contract on our first house!!! its been a whirlwind since the house went on the market last thursday. now to most of you this seems fast. it is and it isn't. when we learned a year ago that we were going to come "home" for five years, we knew we wanted to purchase our first home here. it made sense. hence living with the inlaws until we found something. so thomas started researching locations best suited for both bases he has to be at (which are a good distance away from each other on opposite sides of town. he's looked and looked and drove me nuts with saying...its still this much time away that house probably won't be for sale then. well about five months ago we figured out our exact location needs. we settled on a small gated community that we just both love. unfortunately because of the demand houses sell within a week of being placed on the market. thomas got on zillow thursday morning and saw a new listing. we immediately called our agent. applied for a pre-approval and got the ball rolling. we saw the house saturday and it was even better than the photos. placed an offer saturday afternoon and negotiated for what feels like years. this morning we got the call that we are in contract. now i know that there are still several hurtles to cross before its our home officially, but we are beyond thrilled. it's a pearl that we love!!! i'll post more pics after we get back in during the inspection!!!

here she is!!! don't you just love her!!!
ok, if you made it to the end, you must really love me! sorry for the long drawn out post! but thanks for sticking with it!!