Friday, June 8, 2012

Senior Banquet for Thomas

the school put on a senior banquet for their beloved fourth years! it was such a fun night and a great way to kick off graduation celebrations. I am so proud of my husband (which you hear a lot about on our blog ;) ) but i'm so proud of all of our dental friends and their support've made it! We have some friends that are continuing their growth with general practice offices, dental anesthesia residency, perio residency, and pedo internship. Wow. Just wow. That's pretty amazing!!! I'm so excited to follow along as you all do unbelievable-amazing things! Thomas ended up with two awards by the end of the night, so we were on cloud nine! Enjoy my picture dump from the night!!!

My fav Kristin

My Dentist (i'm partial, but he's pretty studly in a suit!)

Look at this great group of dentistis!!!

The lovely ladies of the hour

My fabulous girls... i was so blessed to have these three in my life and will miss them so much!

dr. gibbons and dr. wright...his overseeing dentist...aka the dental guru

what a fantastic night!

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