Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crazy in First Grade

i love first grade. student teaching has been amazing. part of it has to do with my amazing co-op teacher and part to do with my 24 amazing students. i will get caught up with what we've been up's a start. my first holiday....VALENTINES!!!!

My very first badge!!!!

Our valentines bags :)

Room Set-Up (before the chaos of opening their valentines!!!)
Valentines Day also happens to be AZ's B-day (100th Anniversary this year)
One of my kiddos made me this cutie!!!
My loot!!!! (kept all my little notes for my first classroom)

so. i must say, my blog is not intended to be a teaching blog or a food blog so bear with me as i find a good balance. i am so overjoyed by teaching that it has really taken a huge place in my life and will probably be a big part of "the blog" for a while. thanks for following along in my journey!~ Kristen

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