Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter.....just the two of us!!!!

happy easter weekend!
we are taking a nice relaxing weekend remembering what easter is all about. i hope each of you have an amazing weekend!!! i struggled with what to make since its just us two. so excited for our next easter in texas. here's what our easter dinner will be (a little untraditional but perfect for us):
mexican turkey burgers with special salsa sauce
side salad
sweet potato fries
chocolate covered strawberries
skinny coconut cupcakes from skinnytaste

on a side note, i am trying to finally get back in shape. since high school i have slowly gotten way out of shape and i'm finding it harder and harder to get back to feeling and looking good. i have finally realized that the only way to do this is to make a life change not diet. i have started to work out and do hot yoga daily and eat a healthy meal filled with more veggies and fruits than i normally do. i have also monitored my calories and proportions. it is important to make a life change in order to keep the weight off. so far i am down about 5 pounds. they say in order to stay on track you need to tell your friends to help you stay accountable. so keep me on track!!! the hardest part of making a change was giving up most of my sweets. i love them. absolutely love them. so i know in order for me to succeed at this change i have to allow myself sweets or i know i will fail. today i made a perfect desert. its a diet soda cake and is only 135 calories for a slice. the recipe said it made 12 servings but mine was 16 servings. the 12 servings were way too big!!! anyways, here's the link!!! i made mine with devils food cake mix and sprite zero, but the site has several different versions. can't wait to try a few more versions.


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