Monday, October 10, 2011

An Apology

hi friends. have to apologize for being the worst blogger in the word. and i can't promise it's going to get better. with work/school/keeping the house somewhat clean/baking/spending whatever time is left with my amazing other half....blogging has become the last thing on my mind. now i don't want to say that i'm taking a break, because i am going to try to keep posting when i can. keep checking in with me :) so. with that said. i want to post some of the amazing things i've cooked lately.

{chicken pot pie}
in love with make once, eat twice meals. if you are gonna make it, might as well make double and freeze half. this was really good and was adapted from a recipe in a magazine.

seriously my new fav thing and with it being 8 calories/ounce, it fits right in my diet.

delicious! reminds me of my grammy's salad.

so good! very spicy!!! and it makes so much so i froze it in silicone muffin tins to reheat later on.

not gonna lie. these are to die for. i used turkey instead of beef!!! also made extra and froze them.

so, i found this little gem and it made me think of my favorite restaurant postino and i just HAD to make it. and it was so delicious

i had some almost bad chives in the fridge and i saw this recipe and went for it. easy and yummy
i hope this inspires you all to cook and bake. love you all~kristen

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