Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vegan Sushi

Ok, so no I'm def not a vegan, but some good friends of ours wanted to do a Vegan Sushi night. I really had no idea and was a bit skeptical. Thomas and I are both meat lovers, and a meal isn't a meal without it. But I'm always up for new adventures in the kitchen and this one was amazing and surprisingly easy!!!
Here's what you need:
~sushi rice (although reg white seemed the same)
~veggies cut into small squares: avocado, asparagus, carrot, lettuce
~Soy Sauce

~Start rice cooker or follow instructions on bag and cook rice.
~Cut all the veggies
~Once rice is done it's time to assemble
~Wet the seaweed and place rice on top, spread into a thin layer
~Place veggies in the middle third of the seaweed/rice roll
~Add some wasabi for some extra kick
~Roll it up slowly, careful not to make it so tight that it splits
~Cut into small rolls

{Assembling my roll}

{Shawna making hers}

{T's perfect roll}

{The masterminds behind the whole thing}

{The roll}

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