Saturday, August 20, 2011

a pie for mikey

you may think "who is mikey"....well i was thinking the same thing when last week i got on the tastespotting and foodgawker and saw pages upon pages of posts of a singe peanut butter pie for mikey. i was thinking what the heck! well, i finally clicked on a blog and found my answer. a week and a half ago a food blogger lost her husband unexpectedly. his favorite pie was peanut butter pie and she had been telling him she'd make it but kept postponing, saying i'll do it next week. well, as she posts about making this pie, she explains how later sometimes isn't always an option. it made me blessed for the days i have and to always remember that today is important because we never know if we have a tomorrow here or if it will be with our Father. i wanted to celebrate and remember mikey by making the pie that his loving wife asked us all to do.

my ingredients:

the pie:

it. is. amazing. we both love it. its such an easy pie and i'd love for everyone to make it. to show a bloggers world support for one of our own. the blogging world is a funny place. i've never met jenni and probably never will, but we all felt compelled to support her in this time of need. thats pretty amazing if you ask me.

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