Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Catch-Up

it has been a busy. busy summer. and i have officially been the worst blogger ever. now, i can't promise its doing to get any better within the next few months, but i'm going to try. working night's now has really thrown me off, my days are spent focusing on school. not too much time left for anything else....but we have managed to do some amazing things this summer. stick with me on a long, picture filled post.

{dinner at pizza bianco}
we went out with some amazing friends to pizza bianco, which opera has rated best pizza in the states. it was a two month wait to get in. yes, two months. it was good. two months of a wait...ehhh. but hanging out with friends over delicious pizza and wine was a pretty fun way to spend the evening.
{gorgeous gals at pizza b}

strange word. fancy for dust storm. now most people say they are harmless, but looking at the tree here, they do cause damage. they look really crazy though! we were flying back from san fran during the first one and had to make a pit stop unexpectedly in vegas to refuel until the storm past. go to if you want to see what they look like.

{a shaved snickers}
we finally decided it was time to get rid of some of that hair and give her a break from this heat. she seems so much happier after the hair cut. she looks like a puppy again!!!!

{roxie and lily}
we had the pleasure of watching my besties yorkie-poo, lily. they were so cute together. this is the first little dog roxie has ever really spent time with and it was hilarious as they tried to figure out how to play together. we love our new friend lily.

{a little love}
of course, i spent a lot of summer giving my girls some love.

{staying cool in the heat}
i have discovered frosty paws. they are frozen yogurt and are perfect to keep the pups cool. plus they just get so excited about them!!!

{date night}
we threw a few date nights in there. this is my all time fav. iPic theatre. hello. you are my new best friend. and the only way i'd like to see movies from here on out. now only if we could afford that wish. it's a high class movie and dinner theatre. you get electric seats, blanket and pillows, gourmet food, and drinks. basically the best way to watch a movie on the big screen. oh and there is a full restaurant and a full club attached, along with wine towers in the lobby. yup wine tower....picture is below.

{san fran}
of course we had an amazing trip to san fran. i will try and do full posts on our trip.

{dr. wright}
this is what thomas spent most of summer doing. spending time in clinic. i'd say he's the cutest dentist i've ever seen. and yes, i'm the patient in this pic.

i hope everyone else is having an amazing end to a great summer!

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