Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Birthday EVER!

My birthday was pretty perfect before we got the great news, but when we heard the news, I was beyond happy! Here's our amazing news!

Thomas was accepted into Lackland AFB's Oral Surgery Residency!!! This is such an amazing achievement for Thomas and I couldn't be more proud. The best part, to me, is that we will get to be back in the glorious state of Texas for FIVE years!!!! Lackland is in San Antonio, so we will be within 3o minutes of Thomas' family and within 5 hours of mine....much better than 18 hrs as it is now. The program will be hard and I know there will be days that both of us feel like we can't go another day...mine missing him, Thomas getting no sleep and working 80 hours a week. But going through five crazy busy years is worth it to help Thomas reach is dreams. I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our family and friends for all the prayers and support the last three years getting to this point. We move next June, so...Texas watch out...we are coming for you.......and we are already planning for the move!

Yes, we are completely taken over by the future move...I guess we just want to be as prepared as possible for it! Another super exciting thing about being in Texas for a year is that we will be buying a home. This is a dream of mine...I have been wanting to have our very own first home that I can decorate, paint, and hang whatever I want. This hasn't been an option when we are only in places for such short amount of times and I thought it wouldn't happen until we separated from the military. So, I'm excited! But I'm sure I'll do a post set solely to my dreams in a home!!!!!

Well, now that I've gotten the BIG NEWS out... here's the other reasons of why my birthday was AMAZING!!!
We took a trip to San Francisco and Napa with my parents and had am amazing time!!! It was beautiful and if I wasn't such a Texan, I would have wanted to visit immediately....pictures to come in a future post!
I got some amazing gifts from everyone, which is always fun to get! My inlaws got me the wallet to match my LV purse and a tank cardi set. Thomas got me two new Tory Burch sandals that I LOVE. Mom and Dad took me to San Fran and got me a cookbook I had been wanting forever from my fav blog.
I had a groupon for a mani, pedi, and massage that I used on my birthday...it was so nice to take a me day!!!!
I had two amazing meals that day: Lunch at Le Grande Orange in Scottsdale which has phenomenal breakfast....and a celebratory dinner at White Chocolate Grill.
We also had a wine and cheese party over the weekend to celebrate my birthday and Thomas' acceptance. It was sooo fun!!! I love to have people over and it's always so fun to see everyone in the kitchen around the island just enjoying eachother's company.

I am blessed. That sums it all up. Thanks for such am amazing birthday everyone!!!!

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  1. Kristen that is so amazing congratulations about getting into the program!! That will be so nice to be so close to family too! And happy birthday it sound like you had quite the celebrations. I think this my first time looking at your blog and your food links are amazing I love them keep it up! Also I'm so excited you posted about San Francisco because we're going there over the week break this month so I've been looking for peoples suggestions on things to do there. Looks like I'll be checking your blog more often!