Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Trip to San Fran
we leave for san fran and napa on friday and are gone until tuesday. ever since thomas came back from travis afb near napa, i've had this major desire to go!!! i'm beyond excited. here are a few things that are on my to do list...if we make it all!!!

we are staying at the le meridian in san fran.

here's the napa general store we are going to visit before our three vineyards...they say it has amazing fresh products

of course we are visiting the fisherman's wharf. what trip would be complete without a visit there...
and some chocolate at ghirardelli. very ready for this.

visiting boudin bakery is a must on my book. with the several story glass windows, you can watch the pastry chefs baking away. beyond a dream to me

cia in st. helena. if we end up at travis, i may spend some time there.

one of the vineyards....robert modavi. it look so gorgeous.

clos du val vineyard. small, quaint, breathtaking. yup. i'm there.
pictures to come!!!

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  1. That will be so much fun! Mike and I ate at Boudin Bakery a couple of times while we were there, it is so good. Can't wait to see your pics!