Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yup, today's what I love Wednesday is burgers. I must admit I have a strange addiction to them. To me, they are the idea of an all-american meal. Big, Juicy, Sliders, Pickles, Red Onions, Delicious Sauce...Just a few of the reasons I love them. And the sad thing is I'm not too picky about where I get it....but now that I am on a diet, a nice beef burger really isn't on the list of healthy options. Which makes me sad, but thanks to the amazing and creative world of food bloggers, I have found several healthy recipes for burgers that I am beyond excited about. Now, I know its not the traditional burger that I am posting about today, but new things are always good....So here goes!

Burger #1-Hawaiian Chicken Burger. This is a yummy looking chicken burger that I am just dying to try!!!!

Burger #2- Black Bean Burger. If you have ever had a black bean burger, you know how amazing they can be. This looks like its gonna rate pretty high up there!!!

Burger #3- Chipotle Chicken Sliders- Yeah, spicy and healthy....Sounds good to me!

Burger #4-Quinoa Burger. This bad boy, or should I say delicate baby, is the most unique on my list to try and I am so excited about it. Quinoa has been the ingredient of the season, being deemed a super food because of all the great things in it!!!

Well, I hope yall enjoy these tasty treats!!!


  1. These all look great! I have a recipe at home from Taste of Home for an open faced avocado chicken burger. It. was. amazing. Seriously, it was so good! If you want the recipe let me know and I will get it to you!

  2. Yes!! I'd love it! When do you get home?

  3. Hey Girl I tried the Hawaiian Chicken Burger last week and it was a hit so yummy. I just used chicken breast though and soaked them in soy sauce and dashed the seasoning on before the grill, next time I may leave out the Cumin it's just too strong of a flavor it took away from the other yummy flavors! Thanks for the idea!