Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Menu June 19th to June 25th

First off~ Happy Belated Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there, especially my dad and Thomas' dad. We are very blessed to have been raised by such awesome heros. Now, onto some yummy treats and healthy eats!!!

Churro Cupcakes. This was one of two desserts I made for a friends summer fathers day bbq and I loved them!! They were pretty easy and I thought perfect for a summer treat! They made me thing of fair food, which is always a plus!!! Next time I would double the recipe because 14 of these bad boys just wasn't enough!

Coconut Custard Pie. The second dessert I made....I figured out I don't like custard...or maybe just this one. It was too sweet and buttery for both Thomas and myself. Others said it was good, but I think they were just being nice!!! Maybe I messed up somewhere in making it...

Quinoa Lunch Bowl. I am so excited to try this recipe out!!! It's been on my to do list for a while!!! I hope it is as good as it looks!!!! I am really on a quinoa you will be seeing more of this super food!!

Roasted Butternut Squash and Eggplant Cannelloni. I think this looks so yummy!!! I've never cooked butternut squash or eggplant so this should be a learning experience....we will see how it goes :)

Pineapple Salsa Chicken. DELICIOUS. I have made it before and I love that it gives tons of leftovers. Its a great freezer option. Last time I froze some and made some into taquitos and froze those as well. I'm pretty obsessed with freezing things lately.

{Two weeks ago review}
So I realized I never reviewed June 5th-June 11th so here goes!
{a} Creamy Quinoa is still one of our fav new meals. It is extremely filling and makes a ton of leftovers. Now we aren't fond of it leftover, soooo from here on out i'm only making 1/2 the recipe
{b} Crunchy Asian Salad was so easy and by far the best salad and homemade dressing I've done. We both really liked this and plan on doing it again soon!!!
{c} I never made the chicken marsala so its on the to do list!
{D} the fauxtisserie chicken is now a weekly or every other week thing. I make it sunday and use the chicken for lunch meals or in my dinners. then i freeze the rest...of course!

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