Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekly Menu June 5th to June 11th

~A new Beginning~
So, I am still going to post a weekly menu but for two reasons it is a new beginning. Reason one: I am officially on a new diet. I started workout bootcamp and am really motivated to lose those post college pounds that seem to stick around. Now with that being said, no judging if you see butter (gasp) or bread (big gasp) in the menus. I will be tweaking and molding to be a healthier recipe. Reason two: We are officially on a strict budget so we will be using everything thats in the freezer to supplement each weeks groceries. With Thomas in school and me working part time, things are a bit snug in the wallet area. Its kindof an exciting challenge for me to see what all I can buy with our budgeted amount!!! Ok, enough rambling...on to the yummy stuff!!

Delicious! I've made this before and I think its a great budget friendly and waist friendly meal. You can use any leftover veggies you have. Its very easy to adjust!!!!

Can't wait to try this!!!! It looks so amazing!

This looks so delicious and of course I will need to adjust to make it a little healthier. It will def be my splurge meal of the week.

I also did a fauxtisserie chicken this week and have used it to make a healthy chicken salad. This is by far the best tasting chicken yet. I love it by itself or mixed in to a dish!!!

{Last Week Review}
{ONE} The mini whoopie pies are so amazing!!! I LOVE them!!!! If you make these, agave nectar is kept usually near the sugar
{TWO}I haven't gotten around to the sweet potato crisps, but I plan on making those this week
{THREE} Asian Lettuce Wraps are my moms fav from the week. They really are to die for!!!
{FOUR} Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Pops....perfect summer refreshing treat.
{FIVE} Soft baked pretzels were good. I made them with wheat flour and I thought they were still amazing. If you are wanting to mimic a mall pretzel, stick with all purpose flour.
{SIX} Broccoli Apple Salad~ it was ok....I would make it again but it wasn't a new favorite.
{SEVEN} Buttermilk Pancake cupcakes are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I will be making these again...not till after the diet and will have to be a special occasion but man...they were gooood.

Wow, I def made a lot last week!!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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