Wednesday, June 8, 2011



one. This cute picture of my Roxie in our new "pool"!!!! So precious! Still not sure if she is scared or loving it!!!

two. I just started watching this show and I'm pretty in love. Just wishing I could sing like that!

three. G Series Fit. Since I've started working out, I have started taking a new protein system. I decided on the g series fit because it is made for someone trying to lose weight but still supplement their workout!

four. My fav new thing EVER!!! My mom got us a new pool. $15 of fun! My dad is getting a kick out of back home we have a nice in ground pool, but yet we were so excited about this little gem. It fits two-three floats, which means it pretty much just made my summer, saving me from the heat.

five. Since I started a new weight loss diet, I needed to find simple and easy snacks or sides to lunch. These packs are great because you just grab and go. No hassle.

six. POPS! This little gem was found at Crate and Barrel with my mom and we both loved it! It was a tad bit pricey so for now I will just put it on my wish list, but man don't those pops look good?!?

What are you loving today?

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