Monday, May 9, 2011

Who says dogs aren't part of the family?!?

Today I want to dedicate a whole post to my two wonderful puppies. I've been feeling awful all day with a sinus infection and they have followed me everywhere. Yes they are just dogs, but to us they are our family and we love them dearly. They make us remember to have fun. We got these dogs together which makes them even more special.

{Our sweet little-big-eyes Roxie}
She was our first pup together, even though she's 6 months younger to big mamma. We picked her out from a breeder and picked her up on my 21st birthday. She was so precious and so tiny. I would sing to her when she cried at night to try and make her feel at home. She makes us laugh because she is just too darn cute. She is-contrary to popular belief- a full bread miniature aussie. (yes, we know she looks like a long hair chihuahua) Roxie has funny growling as if she is a big dog, she also has to greet us with a toy when we come in the house, and of course loves licking to death anyone who dares to give her attention (a habit we are trying to break). She's our baby and we love her dearly.

{My precious big mamma Snickers}
Snickers is the big mamma of the house and is VERY protective of us and of Rox. We got her when she was about 9 months old from a breeder who swears she was training her to be a show dog but just wasn't going to work out. Now, we have real doubt that this was the case because when we got our now sweet Snickers she was terrified of everything and didn't trust anyone. Usually a show dog is very socialized with people and other dogs. It took her a few months before she was comfortable with us and she still is very leery of strangers. We always try and make her feel safe and she does, but with strangers she is and always will be scared. With that said, I have never met a more loving and special dog. She constantly wants to cuddle and wants to love on you. She has the most precious puppy eyes look and it melts my heart. I am so thankful that we decided to take her in.

{Too tired to play anymore}

{Elegant Show Dog Snickers}

{King of the Castle}

Thanks for letting me go on about our furry babies!!!!!

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