Monday, May 2, 2011

A realization (and some great recipes)

Well, I guess its time to admit that my blog has really become more of a food blog lately, not my intention, but i'll go with it!!!! So, I've decided to start posting my weekly projected menu for everyone to see with links to the recipes. I love trying new things and so each week I am making mostly new stuff. Keeps me on my toes and yummy food coming to the table!
{these will be a little out of order for each day}

{thursday-Cinco de Mayo}


Homemade Bagels~ I'm thinking one cheese and one cinnamon
Sloppy Joes ~making with ground turkey or chicken


Baked Ziti ~I plan on using half ricotta and half cottage cheese instead of all cottage cheese

I guess Mels Kitchen is really winning my heart!!!! I'll let you know if I modify any recipes :) Hope yall enjoy!!!!

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