Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've officially made it through half of the week, which means Thomas will be home in a few days!!! Thomas is off at Travis AFB this week doing some stuff to get ready for our move. I hate being home alone, yes I know lame, but I'm used to my routine and without him here it feels like something is off!!!!

I made dinner monday night for my week, which means I don't have to cook anything tonight. Yay!!!

We played fetch outside because it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

I have this yummy oreo cupcake to eat tonight!

I am loving my fourth graders today!!! They had an all day write and I was really impressed with them. They are so cute and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they call me Mrs. Wright. I am also going to start working with a friends little boy on learning to read who will be going into Kindergarten this year. I'm so excited about it and have had so much fun preparing short lessons for him!!


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