Thursday, April 21, 2011

~It's BIRTHDAY week~

It's Thomas' Birthday week and of course in true Kristen fashion, I decided to go ALL OUT when it came to our week of food! I wanted to make something special everyday and really make the whole week feel fun!

Today was my fav day of the week. We spend the whole day laying around doing NOTHING but watch friday night lights. It was perfect. And we went to dinner just the two of us to a yummy mexican restaurant down the road. I actually did bake a few things for the week: his school birthday cake~ tres leches and my first attempt at the red velvet cheesecake...which I left out the most important thing to make it red velvet, the darn chocolate, so I ended up with a regular old cheesecake that is now in the freezer.

Thomas actual birthday. I got up early with him for school and made him some delicious red velvet pancakes.
For dinner, I had a full blown asian themed meal: Korean marinated beef, lettuce wraps, edamame, rice, stuffed mushrooms, and japanese beer. Pretty DELIC! It was really fun because we actually ate on our asian plates we got for our wedding and used our adorable rice bowls!!!
I also remade the red velvet cheesecake and we had that for dessert. It tasted amazing! Very rich, but very good.

I made a mexican tortilla pie which was so good. It made enough for two meals, which is saying alot since the birthday boy has a big appetite :) If anyone makes this recipe, I actually used wheat tortillas and ground chicken with mine to try and make it a little bit healthier.

Leftovers... I know BOO!! But we had so much left and had gone shopping all evening for new workout stuff for Thomas, it was just the easier option.

I can't wait to make tonights meal. Crusted Chicken with a Jalapeno Popper Sauce. I am a huge fan of spicy and I think it will be a perfect last homemade meal for the week. I'm going to bake my chicken instead of pan fry to cut down a little.

We are having dinner with all of our friends to celebrate together!!! I can't wait! I love getting together for dinner and just having a good time.

Hope yall enjoyed my foodie post!!!!!

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