Friday, March 18, 2011

A Whirlwind this year has been!!!

First off...I'd like to say sorry for neglecting our blog!!! It's been a CRAZY few weeks and now that it's finally settled down, I am ready to update everyone on our life!!!

So....Biggest news first.... We have been crunching numbers and trying to figure out if it is feasible for me to start working part time and working full time on my teaching certification so that I can be done by the time we leave Arizona next May. After lots of prayers and talks we decided that it was the best decision for our family. I put in for a part time position at my current job a few months ago, since that was financially the best decision, and I finally got it!!!! It was the happiest day!!! I'm able to keep my insurance and a job I am already trained at! Pretty exciting. Plus I am officially able to go to school full time :) I will be in the elementary schools starting next week! EEK!!! I'm so happy!

Now for the craziness we call Thomas life/school....He is officially at the end of his third year, which means one more year until he is officially a Doctor and when we will be inducted OFFICIALLY into the military family! With that comes lots of amazing and exciting new adventures but also lots of nerves and anxiousness. He has been spending time deciding what type of specialty he wants to apply to and spends every break shadowing someone or interviewing. I'm so proud :) But hopefully by August we will know where we will be moving to after Arizona! Thats mind blowing that we are this far along.... I mean, he actually has a graduation date May 31st, 2012! We are just praying that God will take us where we can do the most with the gifts he has given us.

We also had to make our FIRST GROWN UP MARRIED purchase a few weeks ago! SCARY! Sometimes I feel so young until something like this happens. Thomas car was having major mechanical issues and was going to cost a mere fortune to fix, so we decided that it was time to trade in! Thomas got to pick and I'm pretty sure he is happy with his new baby. (He's read the manual/book cover to cover a few times now). It was nice to get what he wanted and to find a great deal on it.

And of course its officially spring training time in Arizona. My parents made a trip for opening week to see our beloved Rangers play. It was a blast. But honestly the best part was watching my mom. She was like a kid getting autographs with here baseball hat on. I can imagine how she was as a kid!!!! Loved their trip here :)

Ok, so alot of random stuff in this post but I wanted to update everyone, or our few faithful followers, of what was happening in the Wright household!!! Thanks for checking in.

We love yall~ Thomas and Kristen

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