Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting ready for the week

Well, I have been left at home by myself all day! Thomas is studying for finals, so I have some time to get ready for the week... It's kindof nice having some time just to do whatever :) Right now I'm blaring one of the many Glee soundtracks, blogging, just finished cookies and are about to start cooking!!! I couldn't imagine a more perfect day by myself. And to make the day even better, we are meeting up with an old friend from college tonight who we haven't seen in a few years!!!! So, since I am cooking up a storm today, I thought I would share a few yummy recipes I am doing.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies from annies eats (pretty sure mine won't be this GORGEOUS!!!)

Chocolate Cocoa Crispies from The Hungry Housewife

Lighter Chicken Enchiladas from Martha Stewart

I am also making a double batch of the family Lasagna pic available, but I figure I'll freeze one to have for another week!!!! This week will be pretty packed with cleaning and getting the house ready because the following week Thomas is headed home for a week at the air force base and my parents arrive Friday for Spring Training!!!! Very exciting week in the Wright household. Well, I better get back to cooking up a storm.

xox~Kristen, Roxie and Snickers

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