Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I'm loving this weekend!!!

1. I am in LOVE with headbands. Not just any headbands....homemade wonders. There are so many posts out there and I found two this week that I attempted this weekend and LOVE THEM!!! So the first one is made from fabric and elastic and is super easy, I may be adding them to my etsy shop...we will see. The second is my absolute fav and I want to share the tutorial with everyone because anyone can make these. I can only sew with straight lines and this was by far the easiest thing I've made: upcycled tshirt headband...all you need is an old tshirt, thread, and a hot glue gun...tutorial here....i didn't hand sew my flower on because hotglueing it was WAY easier and no one cal tell the difference.

2. I am LOVING cooking and baking!!! I made a buffalo chicken pasta last night and a candy
bar cake this morning...yes i know you ask cake this morning?!? why yes i did. I didn't try it
until the afternoon so its ok. Both were MAJOR hits with Thomas. He usually doesn't go for
desserts, let alone seconds!!! Well, it was good. Thats the important part. The pasta i decided to
double so I could freeze one meal, great idea in theory, but for my kitchen it was kindof a
danger zone for a few hours. :)

3. March Madness, which is the one time of year I truly lose my husband to his first love :). Its fun to hear him watching the game. I'll be across the house and hear yelling about something or this very specific "laugh" or "kackle" he makes when he gets excited about a play. Its HILARIOUS and just one of the gazillion reasons I love him. Hopefully next year we'll be cheering on our beloved Baylor BEARS again. :)

Well, I hope everyone else is finding fun things to do and is having some good laughs this weekend! We love yall~ Kristen and Thomas

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