Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Sundays

I think lazy sundays are my favorite day of the week!!! Getting up to homemade breakfast, either something I make or something Thomas makes, is the best part of the day. I think being in the kitchen together is the way to a families heart. Then a good workout and the rest of the day to do whatever. Life gets so crazy and busy, sometimes you just need to have a day to get away from it all. On my lazy days I just love to bake. It's my stress reliever. So, today I made "blondies". They are AMAZING. Pretty much, they are cookies in the form of brownies. I don't even want to put them down. Thankfully I have a class full of dentists I can send them off to!!!!! Yum....cavities. Sunday dinners are always a big ordeal. I always try to make a homemade meal: todays meal: country fried steak, potatoes, and corn. DELICIOUS if I must say so myself. I got my recipe from The pioneer woman...Ree!!! Check out her site and get her cookbook. Its got picture my picture instructions, its genious. Well, back to my lazy sunday evening.

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