Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food Blogs

I am Kristen and I have a problem.....I am an addict to food blogs. Yes, its true. I am ADDICTED! They are like my very own drug. Its so fun to read what other people are cooking and baking and it excites me to get in the kitchen and want to try everything out!!! Since being newly married, I've wanted to make sure I become "super-wife" and cook yummy homemade dishes each night. This year I am making a cookbook for the family and so I'm trying all the new recipes I find and some great ones from the family vault and taking pics to make it all nice and pretty. The problem is that I find myself making more sweets than main dishes and sides....this is NOT helping my waistline. But I just can't stop. Tonight I found a recipe for homemade caramels. Now all I need is a candy thermometor and I'm off. Making homemade caramels seems a bit scary and daunting but it sounds soooo yummy!!!!

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