Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My future dentist

Thomas is officially done with real classes and is now in their brand spanking new clinic!!! He's working on actual patients in three weeks...and I'm patient #3. I am so proud of him and so I have decided to dedicate this month of posts to keep everyone up to date with what he is learning all the way to him working on me! So, today was their first day in clinic. They practiced doing full teeth cleanings on each other as well as practicing "probing" the teeth. All the stuff you have a hygenist do when you go into the dentist. While they are in clinic, they are in charge of everything from the cleaning to the exam. He also got to get a peek at his future patients xrays. Mine included. Wish him luck!!! I can't believe we are officially half way through dental school and our time here in Arizona. Now I just need to get busy working on my teaching certificate....Hope you enjoy the picture of Thomas with his "loupes" on. Your dentist should wear these to save their back from serious pain!!! xoxo~K

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