Monday, October 22, 2012

Miscellaney Monday

this weekend was amazing.

friday night started with a date night in san antonio with military man @ auden's kitchen

i started with some delicious wine....

then i got this bad boy.

 finally ended at target and spent $5 on these two!

 saturday morning we made our way to granbury, tx for a couples shower...

can't go on a road trip without my bucee's cup

we made a pitstop to meet up with our awesome friends!

these drinks were to die yum. thanks brunch happy hour!

and we were conveniently down the street form kendra scott...
and these had to be mine! (thanks military man!!!!) 

isn't he a cutie?!?

my partner in crime...didn't get a pic of my fav couple but at least i got one with the better looking half ;)

we headed to granbury that afternoon and i completely forgot to take pics! oops...lets just say that i wore some pretty stellar cowboy boots!!! gotta love themed parties.

here's a pic from our scenic way home!
i love me some country living :)

helping out a friend by grading on my drive.
hopefully the gloriousness of grading papers is my fate soon!

once we got back to san antonio it was business as usual for sundays....laundry. groceries. cleaning. cooking. but i took a mini break and got this on my way to the grocery store! sooo good!

thanks weekend.
it was swell!

are we ready for monday?
i'm not.
go out there are show the world what you're made of!



  1. Love the photos! Now I crave for food like that and all I have for today's lunch are some sad sandwiches : / LOL Have a great week xx

  2. so sad its monday! that Starbucks sure looks good tho

  3. Monday kicked my butt today....thankfully I had an awesome weekend to cushion it just a tad.

  4. You had my favorite kind of weekend! I am a new follower, I found you through the Denny Buzz and we are participating in the same giveaway! I thought it would be nice to say hello! Your blog is super cute and Im going to waste away my Monday night browsing through!


  5. Those are really pretty earrings! $5 for those two items at Target? That's why I love that damn store.

  6. Looks like a great weekend filled with some of my fav things; wine, Target and Starbucks!

    Stopping by and following from the GFC Hop. :)