Monday, October 15, 2012

Life Lately through Instagram

life has been going at such a fast speed lately...
i've been way behind on keeping up!
so, to make up for it i'm taking a photo trip down the last few weeks!!!!

i went shopping and found a few fall favs and some awesome deals at the rack

this is for sure my newest fav and at $14 it was a steal!

we went out to celebrate two amazing friend's birthdays!!
and i rocked my fav giveaway win!

the birthday girl!!!

the weather cooled down for two days...i took full advantage.

we got to celebrate my father in law's 25th workaversary @ cheesecake factory

my love awaited october julep box came in...and i love each color soooo much! they are the perfect collection of fall/winter colors...stay tuned to see them!

i got this glorious box of chocolates from a fall swap and they are to die for/stick to your thighs delicious.

these bad boys got added to my fast growing collection

yup. i had to try them all.

i made my first round of fall/winter donuts. they were a-mazing.

back into the workout routine.

sangria makes me happy! 
{homemade and delicious}

these zucchini chicken enchiladas might just be my favorite new food!!!!

ok...if you made it to the rock!!!
happy monday!



  1. I have always loved Deborah Lippman polishes but never took the plunge and bough some, I MUST after seeing the amazing fall colors you have!

  2. warp speed or not this seems awesome!! my life has been bed, class, work, couch, bed... not a whole lotta variation! lol

  3. I can totally relate to time going by soooo fast! Ahhh, sloooow down! Looks like you have been having some fun and making memories though :)


  4. everythng look so great :D
    i love that lorac palette and chocolate <3
    my whole week just full about thesis. its getting harder day by day. lol

    come and see my blog again,

  5. Great blog! I picked up a lot of new ideas from this blog! Keep up the good work!

  6. I've never been to Nordstrom Rack! It looks like you got some great stuff, I HAVE to check it out! Loving your leopard flats in the cooler weather pic! And those Deborah Lippman polishes!!

  7. Those chocolates look amazing! Homemade sangria?! Yum.

  8. I love all the pics, particularly the food related ones. I posted a pic of brown rice that I cooked yesterday and we also enjoyed mussels for dinner. Nobody got sick, so we cooked those beauties correctly. I love success! Esther Norine Designs

  9. Okay now I'm hungry and craving just about everything you mentioned!! LOL, especially Cheesecake factory!! Do you have a recipe for those zucchini enchiladas?! :)

  10. Wow, food pictures & the Cheesecake Factory all in one post? Love it! Also, that outfit you wore to celebrate your friends birthday is totally cute. I want that necklace.

  11. Those zucchini enchiladas look AMAZING! I will definitely have to try that recipe soon. It sounds like you've been really busy, but I hope you're enjoying it!

  12. ohhh that lorac palette is pretty!!

  13. I totally want that shirt you wore for your friends birthday, where'd you get it?!

  14. I'm so envious of your nail polish game girl! You get the best colors :) The zucchini enchiladas look amazing!

  15. Just stopping in from the link up. Love your blog! Those enchiladas look amazing. Can you share the recipe?