Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Swaps make me Happy!

imma happy gal.


i've been spoiled by TWO awesome-sauce fall swap partners.

love them both!!!

swaparoo numero uno: 

the swap gal: nina @ Adventures of the K family

the goods:
alaska towel and potholder-this couldn't have been more perfect!
starbucks giftcard-i love this duh!!!
delicious candy box-its almost gone and its been three days
alaska soap bars-they are my new guest room goodies
candle and candle holder-already sitting on my mantle!!

nina- thanks sooo much for putting together the most perfect package for me! i'm sooo in love with it all and will treasure the alaska goodies forever! they'll travel with me to each base i go to! thanks again love!

swaparoo numero dos:
hosted by meg @ Life of Meg
the swap gal: melanie @ sarcasm and curls

the goods:
pumpkin pie dessert mix-i love pumpkin anything and i love to bake so this is a to die for winner!
ghiradelli dark and sea salt caramel squares-i'm so in heaven with me. these are so freaking good. the perfect medley of sweet and salty!
polka dot notebook-love it! already in my teacher bag :)
polka dot socks-um love them! i have a minor obsession with polka dots
splendid nail polish-its the perfect fall color. can't wait to try it out!
candle and scent wax-love them! i just ran out of both so yay!

melanie- thanks sooo much for being such a sweetheart and really taking time to get to know me :) the polka dots and pumpkin stuff were right up my ally! it was so much fun girl!

ok so see i was so spoiled and am loving it all...
even if i'm now a few pounds larger thanks to all those sweets!!!!
thanks again lovelies!



  1. OMG this is so fun!!!!

    Love it!!

    xo, Emily

  2. Aww what amazing things!! I can't wait until the Fall swap that I'm involved in starts :))

    xo, Heather

  3. Great goodies!! Thanks for playing along! :)