Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Menu and Review

it's sunday yall.
which means some more for love!
last week was thrown off thanks to a delay in the kitchen i didn't get to make it all which was sad :( 
but i'll get to them this week!

here's what's on the menu for this week:

spaghetti and garlic bread (made with ground turkey)

sweet potato burgers from last weeks menu*new*

banana and granola pancakes from last week*new*

cheddar ale soup*new*

asian chicken salad

blueberry crumble bars*new*
[made these this afternoon and they are soooo good!!!]

caramel apple doughnuts*new*

mmmm...mmmm just looking at those doughnuts makes me hungry!

last weeks review:
i ended up making all repeat recipes...they were all delicious!
can't wait to try this weeks newbies to give a good review!!!! the baked chicken i used italian dressing mix instead of ranch and it was even better. next time i make the rotel spaghetti i would double it and freeze half. it's too easy not to. those quesadillas are still my favorite! def a must try!

what are you cooking up this week???



  1. I need to make the blueberry crumble bars! Oh my goodnessss they look amazing!!! Thanks for the post!

    -your newest follower!

  2. All that looks so delicious. I'm really liking the looks of the soup. I've been such a soup fanatic lately!

  3. Definitely need ideas like this! ha. thanks for sharing....I thought I was already following but APPPPARENTLY I was wrong. ha. Found you (again) from the foley fam unedited :)