Friday, September 21, 2012

Nail Files Friday

it's that time again to rant and rave about my polishes i tried this week.
looking back i realize every week i fall in love with whatever i use!
i guess i'm easy to please!!!

so this week's mani was super exciting for me.
i have been drooling over butter london's precious bottles and gorgeous colors for a few months now, but hadn't made the plunge and actually bought a bottle....thanks to my lovely swap partner danielle...i got my first one. and i am a true believer in BL!
seriously this stuff is like magic. it went on smoother than any nail polish i've ever used. and i'd say i've tried a whole slew of polish brands. it was so silky. i'm in love with the finish of it. and it dries super quick. it took me half the time to paint and wait. and i only needed two coats to get this luxurious look.

butter london: toff

it even matches my lounge sweater!!!
(can you tell i'm obsessed with it?!?)

my pedi got an upgrade this week too!
thanks to my birchbox and zoya packages that came at the end of last week...i was inspired to try some new color combos!
one last fabulous brights pedi for summer!!!

color club: insta-this
zoya: ali

i mentioned my swap partner danielle above...who i absolutely adore! she is a bloggy friend and when we got paired up it was a match made in heaven...we got to talk about our fav thing and surprise the other with some fab finds. she wowed me big time. i am such a lucky duck!! i've been dying to try bl and deborah lippman and she got me two to die for all year round colors that i'm in heaven with! plus what a fun zoya color!!! i think i'll be sporting this to a ut game to support my sil!!! she also added a ton of extras!!! what a doll right?!? i was so excited when i got the package (the first day of moving) i had to try out each of the colors!!! i didn't keep like this promise! 
butter london: toff
deborah lippman: fashion
zoya: sunny

see what i got her here!!!

what are you wearing this week?


  1. I LOVE the Butter color! I want to buy one so bad but just can't break down and spend the money! I may have to give in soon though :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. So cute! And I love your toes. I haven't tried Butter polish, but your review makes me want to! :)

  3. You got some great stuff! Butter is one that I still have not tried yet will have to go ahead and order some now. That color is perfect!

  4. I love that butter color, perfect for fall.

  5. I LOVE that butter color for Fall!!

    Here from The Nail Files :)

  6. The Deborah Lippman Fashion is such a great nude!

  7. Those are all such great colors! I love the Butter one, I've never tried that but I definitely will after your recommendation!

  8. that butter london is gorgeous! hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I love that Butter color!! You got some good stuff :)

  10. Such a pretty Butter London color. hehe love the pedicure!