Friday, September 21, 2012


man oh man time flies!
two weeks in our first home...
it's going so quick!!!

well this week was fabulous!
nothing crazy happened..
but sometimes thats the best.

[1] i started my week off with a new book and a nice glass of vino

and a little blogging at starbucks since our internet was down for a few days!

[2]i have a new morning ritual/breakfast. kashi go lean berry crunch and a cup o joe with almond joy creamer. don't be jealous! 

 [3]i made a trip to sell back books at half price and had a long wait for my i took pics of myself...why not! and lounged a little in the baking section.

[4]these cuties kept me company all week. they are loving their new beds aka our nice z gallery pillows!

[5]i am trying to accessorize more...therefore i'm documenting it to motivate myself to do it!

 remember the little things in life.
they are pretty awesome!



  1. your pups are so cute. cant imagine how you got them both to look at you at the same time. i always end up getting a picture of one of their butts. LOL!

  2. I would freak if the internet was down lol

  3. Loving your accessories - keep it up girlie, they look good on you!! :)

  4. Your dogs are too cute!! Have a fabulous Friday!!

  5. I love used book stores! I need to go to mine and see if they have the PLL series!!!

    Loving all of your pictures! You can never go wrong with coffee! And Starbucks wifi is pretty fast actually!!!

    Yes... accessorize! It looks great on you! I have so much scarves, bracelets that I need to accessorize this winter!!!

  6. I love this look at your week, your doggies are adorable! Clearly they have good taste if they like lounging on your pillows :) I love your accessories! I don't accessorize enough either, taking photos to stay motivated is a great idea!