Tuesday, September 4, 2012

love from new zealand

ok. i have a REAL treat for yall today!
one of my fav bloggers is telling all...
and let me tell you...you will love her.
she's also one of my september sponsors!!
enough from me....

Hi I'm Chelsea, blogger and blog designer at Yours Truly. My favorite things are my cute Kiwi boyfriend, cats, edamame, graphic design and my iPhone. I'm also pretty in love with anything and everything fashion, beauty, chevron, herringbone and polkadots. That pretty much sums up what I blog about if you throw in a few giveaways and a rad social media/blog hop every Wednesday. Come by and meet me!

What are the top five things someone should know about you? 
1) I'm a clothes horse {that's what my mom calls me anyways}. I love love love clothes and my closet is never full enough!
2) I have a passion for trashin' fashion. No, I don't really..I just wanted to say that like that show used to say, I don't even remember what show. Anyways, my real passion is graphic design. I have so much fun doing it and I feel so lucky to have turned it into a little part-time job with my blog designs. It's great doing something you love!
3) I am a crazy.cat.lady. That is all. Like, if you asked my boyfriend, that is me in a nutshell. 
4) I live in New Zealand but I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I miss home and I'm really excited to go back.
5) I daydream all day about being a real live adult with my own house to decorate and my own cute lil' baby. Not gonna lie - I am super excited about that phase of life. 21 isn't that young is it? The rest of the time I daydream about clothes and cats.

What got you into blogging? Reading other blogs. I was like wow, everyone {including me} wants to read what all these people have to say. Maybe people will want to read what I have to say! And surprise...some do. Cool story Chelsea!

What is your biggest tip to a new blogger? Be yourself. When I started blogging I was like, oh my gosh I need to be like Aunie from aunieSAUCE or everyone will hate me, or I need to be as funny as Erin from Living In Yellow and I'll automatically get 293891034 followers. KNOCK KNOCK CHELSEA IT'S THE REAL WORLD AT THE DOOR. Yeah, blogging doesn't work like that - BE YOURSELF. People want to listen to what YOU have to say and how YOU would say it. If they wanted to read aunieSAUCEx2 then they would just read Aunie's blog two times a day. I do that. 

What would be your go to, can’t live without, makeup item? Mascara. I would've said eyeliner when I was younger, but let's be honest - unless you have eyelashes galore, eyeliner-eyes look freaky with no mascara on.

If you could be any age forever, what age would you be and why. I would be 25 because I think that will be a solid point in my life. Now is good, but I want to be a little older and a little more settled into life, you know?

If you had to describe yourself through your favorite stores, what would they be? Typo {bloggers-paradise!}, Kintage {girly but semi-trendy}


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