Friday, August 3, 2012

Nail Files Friday: Winners Announced!

i've had lots of time on my hands this week...
so i am reviewing three of my newest colors!
i wish i was talented enough to do some cool usa thing...

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color #1: Buttercup by revlon colorstay
first off...i love the color. and will use it again solely for that reason. but i was less than impressed with its "colorstay" abilities. i did my nails and gave them ample time to dry including a top coat. they chipped that night and continued to chip each day. i repainted to a different color within 3 days...not typical for me....overall it was a flop but the color was so great i'll keep using it!

color #2: Trouville by Nars 
color #3: Sienna by Julep Maven
this was my first experience with nars and i'm SOLD. i love this color. its amazing and it went on so well! and the bottle is just so cute! painted it this chips so far!!! and the julep maven came in my monthly box and i'm in heaven. its the perfect gold to accent or give a little party flare! super happy with both!

as promised...
our winners from last weeks giveaway are....

drumroll please...


what colors are you loving this week???

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  1. I really love Sienna. I've used it a bunch of times now, and I think it's going to be my go-to gold. I actually used it as a pedi color a few weeks back and got so many compliments (and as an accent color now twice). LOVE! I want to check out the Nars color too!

  2. oh wow, i love that second mani!!

  3. I haven't used Nars polishes yet but everyone seems to really love them so maybe I'll splurge. Too bad about that yellow polish! I just purchased my first yellow polish (just the sally hansen kind) and I'm scared it'll crack like many lighter polishes do. Maybe I just need to buy nicer polishes?