Monday, July 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

wow. i'm not ready for this week to start!
but it's here anyways...
i like my weekends when i get to spend lots of time with military man...the weeks have become monotone without having a job.
i'm ready ready ready for the school year to start.
preferably to have my own class
but i'll sub if i don't get one right away.

enough of my pity party!
its time for my randoms and rewinds.

weekend recap:
[friday] military man and i went out for dinner at texas de brazil to celebrate closing on our home. (and i had a b1g1f for my bday) if you have ever eaten there you know you leaved stuffed. i prepared all day for it. only eating a small breakfast!!! it did not disappoint! and this location has a wine fun to watch!!!

we spent saturday in austin moving my sister out of her house and into storage. we stopped on the way there at the crazy buc-ees convenience store. as always its crazy and overwhelming. we made it to hopdoddy's for lunch. if you are in austin. go. there is almost always a line outside to get in but its way worth it. and splurge. get the salted caramel shake. you won't regret.

as sundays should be. relaxing. made it to the gym and library to do a little studying.

ramblings for the week:

[1]can't wait to get my jeweliq necklace in i won last week!
[2]my julep maven box should be here this week!
[3]goal for the week:work out 6 days
[4]i make it to target a few times a week and of course end up finding tons i need want. wonder what i'll find this week.
[5]i'm making some goodies to send out to two of my bloggy friends this week. trying some new recipes out for them! wish me luck!!!

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happy week yall!!!

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  1. You are so going to have to explain what a wine girl she actually flying through the air? LOL

  2. Congrats on finally closing on your home! I am so excited for you!

  3. congrats on closing on your new home so so exciting! i remember when we did that nearly ten years ago lol! ok so yay for your military man being in town, never had that burger but it looks and sounds amazing. I'm not happy for school to start lol for our Kelcee is gonna be in Kindgergarten eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek lol, but I will wish and hope you get an awesomesauce teaching job and be happy for you lol! great post! new follower