Monday, July 16, 2012

Media Monday

gotta case of the mondays??
maybe some of my fav media's will help 
snap you out of it!!!
i'm feeling a bit of the mondays today...
overwhelmed with stress for the wait game 
on teaching interviews!!!
hopefully i'll find some new things
to distract me this week...

linked up here

she's just so fun to listen to!!! brightens my mood...and for all you oth fans out me she is always alex dupre!

rented this amazing movie this weekend. the long wait is finally over and it was so good! i'm a sucker for military movies and the story behind this one is pretty unbelievable. go watch it!!!

i got this book on clearance at the beginning of summer for about $5 and haven't had a chance to start it. i love "beach reads" during summer. life is so crazy all the time, its fun to dive in and lose yourself in these easy reads. i'll let you know how it is!!

atlantic-pacific blog is one of my go to favs. it's not a read a ton's a get my fashion fix and cute ideas blog. her fashion sense is killer. and she looks adorable in everything! although i may not be able to get the exact item she's wearing, it does give me inspiration to find similar pieces!!! give her some love today!!!

happy media monday bloggers!!!


  1. I love Jana! And I will deffs have to add Red Tails to my netflix quene! Thanks so much for linking up!!

    Rachel (host)

  2. I love Jana Kramer, and to be she will always be Alex Dupre as well! Thanks for linking up Kristen!


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  4. I love Jana Kramer! I was sure what to expect when her musical aspirations were first mentioned, but any doubt I had went right out the window when I heard Whiskey for the first time.