Tuesday, June 19, 2012

an officer and a gentleman...well a captain and a doctor...all in one day!

four years of crazy, sleepless nights and he made it. he is officially captain-doctor wright. still not sure on the official order of those but pretty cool either way. i must say my military man looks good in his hood! we are so proud of you babe!!!

the t.wright cheering crowd

for the first time... Dr. and Mrs. Wright

proud parents and sister

my proud parents

love my military man

the best overseeing dentist we could ask for

the fearsome foursome. couldn't be prouder of these men.

my dearest friend kristin. beyond proud!!!

elliot and shawna. we love y'all.

we met up with everyone afterwards at a mexican restaurant and due to the scorching day, it ended up being a shorter goodbye. we said our goodbyes, cried a little (ok i cried alot), and headed home to pack away our lives to texas. These last pictures are most special to me. our lives have forever been changed because of these amazing people. i love each of you so much and couldn't imagine life without you. the next chapter has taken us away from each other but the trips are already being planned to see yall soon. thanks for an awesome four years!

with love,

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