Monday, June 18, 2012

Keeping Busy for now

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happy monday! since i can't apply for teaching jobs yet i have a lot of time to myself, so i've tried to keep myself off the couch and active. last week thomas was lucky enough to have the first few days off so of course those were filled with house stuff. negotiating and inspecting. officially under contract and expected to close end of july. 

on my first day by myself i walked around lowes and had a blast. its fun dreaming up what i want the new house to look like. and since we have no clue costs of things life fans and backsplash, its fun to figure it all out. i also went to dinner with a college friend thursday which was so nice to catch up. i feel like i'm starting to find my place here.

friday i helped my niece ariana paint her wall purple! the joys of being 12. its acceptable to paint your room purple!!! 

saturday night we went to a wedding for thomas long time friend jacob. it was so nice and this is the only picture i got. oopsie dasies!

sunday we celebrated father's day with my inlaws. (celebrating with my parents next weekend) my mil cooked an amazing korean meal and we all pigged out.

i of course had to make a special dessert. my fil loves cobbler, so i made pioneer woman's blackberry cobbler. so easy and so delicious. with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream!!!

it's been a whirlwind since we got in town and its nice to feel like things are slowing down a bit. we found a gym and its relaxing to go each day and get out. my best is coming to visit from dallas this weekend and then i'm heading back with her to dallas for the week. i haven't gotten to spend time at home in about a year. super excited!!! 

happy beginning of the week

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