Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Christmas Dinner

it was my first christmas to be in charge of planning and preparing dinner. i started dreaming up ideas about a month ago (i wanted to be super prepared of course). i had grand ideas of cooking lamb or prime rib.....but after debate and looking at the dollar signs i decided to go with a ham and lots of homemade sides instead. i'll save the lamb for next year!!! So here goes:

[1] my honey glazed ham from fav part actually so easy and delicious and i bought for 10 even though it was just us four so i could have tons of leftovers and make ham and navy bean soup (which is cooking right now!!!)

[2] the spread: duchess potatoes, sautéed garlic mushrooms, homemade rolls, corn bake, and not pictured mixed veggies(from a bag. frozen. gasp.). two things to note in this picture: i was way too hungry to take pictures before we ate and there is the nice bottle of tums right in the middle.

[3] Duchess Potatoes from Pioneer Woman

[4] 30 minute homemade rolls by your home based mom
these are TO DIE FOR. i will never used store bought again

[5] corn bake from my aunt vickie. its a tried and true recipe

i hope everyone had a delicious christmas as well!!!! the craziness of work and school has sortof slowed a little so i am hoping to get back to posting about running and cooking again!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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