Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey good lookin', whats cookin' ~Week of Oct 16th

fall is in the air. oh wait its 100 degrees. outside. welp. i'll close my eyes, make myself a hot apple cider, and imagine its cool outside.

secret. time. i already made them. and they are so good! only thing i would change-less reeses. personal preference but they are still amazing.

looks amazing and at only about 400 cal per serving, sounds even better.

i've blogged about these before and they are one of our fav meals

{addl items on the menu this week}
~i never got around to making the cupcakes on last week's blog, so those are coming soon.
~also never made the salad. will def be doing that this week.
~frozen soup either chili or the italian soup from last week

{last weeks review}
-a-chocolate wasted cake-unbelievable. way too rich to really make again, unless it was something super special or for a chocolate lover. i also wouldn't use the liqueur next time.
-b-mexican stuffed shells. loved them. they are so easy and are delicious. i used half the cheese and they were still plenty cheesy enough.


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