Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I have been working around the house cleaning and doing some schoolwork and I just needed a crafting break. Its been one of those weeks....still getting over food poisoning and just not at my norm...so I decided to flip aimlessly through all the craft ideas I have saved from sites and I combined several ideas into my very own idea.... :) So, here's an easy way to revamp an old frame in 5 minutes using stuff in the craftroom..or drawer, whichever may be the case ;)

What you will need:
one old frame--4x6
scraps of vinyl---lime green leftover
scrap of scrapbook paper--black damask paper

1. Cut scrapbook paper to fit frame
2. Cut out words on cricut or silhouette machine....I used Schoolbook font on my cricut at 2 1/2". Your letter will vary on size depending on the size of your frame.
3. Place paper in frame and align the vinyl on top of the glass. I used transfer paper to do this, but masking tape would work as well. This gives it a somewhat 3D feel.

Now....I just need to decide where I want to hang it!!

I may make one that says {LOVE} with red vinyl later!!!

Enjoy~ Kristen

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