Friday, March 25, 2011

~*~Cupcakes Galore~*~

Cupcakes....I love them. yes LOVE them. They are the perfect dessert...already individually sized. Easy to make from scratch. Perfect for a potluck. Kids think they are fun. You can make them in just about any color or flavor. The ideas are limitless. It's been a while since I have baked this yummy goodness, so this weekend I am making some. Now onto the hard task...Which one to make. I've included several pictures with links to the recipes. Help me choose!!! (and no, I can't make them all......this weekend at least!)

So you've got....lemony goodness, cinnamon and sugar, fruity heaven, apple pie oh my, and almond deliciousness....yup i'll have a hard time deciding.... Thanks for letting me sweeten up your night!

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