Sunday, October 3, 2010

Productive Saturday

It's been a long productive day! Thomas went quail hunting this morning with friends and came home with rabbits least it gave us something to grill for the afternoon along with our yummy bbq ribs! Once they got back it was a normal fall satuday....COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! This week 2 of our 3 teams won: Baylor and Virginia Tech great week, Texas maybe next time....

Anyways, so before everyone got to the house this afternoon I needed to run my errands, clean the house, and bake some dessert. So, started at target and found some super cute vases in "$1" section. They were $2.50 and I bought some fake berries to put in them for about $1.50...all together created cute home decor for under $5. Made my whole day!!!!

Next I made a stop at hobby lobby where I found some amazing new fabric for my tote bags! A girl can never have too many bags :)

Ok, after that I came home and finished my pumpkin spice brownies that I had started last night. EASY PEASY recipe. Heres the link to the recipe

I also made my new favorite type of cupcake....chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. YES. Now a few notes about these cupcakes...they are VERY sweet and they take a while to make, but 100% worth it!!!! Here's the link to the recipe

and of course I took pics for you to see!!!!

I love saturdays where you get to do some fun stuff but also get to relax. We def enjoyed watching some great college football and even made a late night movie. I think its about time to rest up for tomorrow... CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT YIPPEE!!! Thomas has already beaten me to sleep....I guess waking up at 4 this morning has finally caught up with him.

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