Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time for a recap

Ok, so I guess I have been a liiiitttllle preoccupied lately and kindof forgot to keep everyone posted. So here goes!!! Sorry if its a bit long today, but better late than never....

I have found a new obsession....CRAFTING! and not just crafting, craft blogs. Discovering craft blogs was almost as great as the day I discovered food blogs. Craft blogs are amazing, especially since we are poor newlyweds, but yet we want a well put together home. Thanks to my cricut and the new sites, i have tons of new cute ideas and a few completed projects. Now that I am starting to gain my confidence in the craft area I think its time I make a PLUNGE...sewing.. Made one project so far (baby burp cloths) but have seen so many adorable ideas, just gotta get a machine *couch*couch* mom *couch*couch* Tonight I started working on an idea for a shirt addition....will post pics as they come...

We have also started getting into woodwork i guess you could call it. Thanks to a great website called Knock-Off Wood, we've found some easy, but fantastic furniture to make for the house!!! We have officially made our very own sawhorse workbench and entry table for the house. The entry table is completed, but still working on making some things to place on top...hopefully will make some progress on that this weekend!!!!!!

Almsot done with catching up: We celebrated Laboy Day Weekend in San Diego....It was AMAZING. Perfect weather with amazing friends. We weren't ready to leave but it was a great getaway....Phoenix may not be my fav place on earth...but you can ski, gamble, and lay by the beach all within a 5 hr drive...not to shabby........thats all for tonight~ see ya real soon~kristen

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