Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's fall...well sortof!!!

YAY it's FALL!!!! But.........since we have been experiencing 110 degrees here in AZ, I'm not quite feeling like fall has arrived... None the less, I have started decorating. My first project is to decorate our new table. First I found some really cute $2.50 pumpkins from target that I spraypainted for more of a pop! I also got a wood pumpkin craft kit from my fav girls over at Now i'm just waiting to get a cute fall candle...hopefully something pumpkin scented :)I also made a "faith" frame by taking burlap and outlining the letters and filling them in with a sharpie...then framed it... Pretty easy. I will probably be pulling out the Halloween decorating box in a week or so.. Plus we are getting a group of gals together to make a fall craft sometime soon. LOVE IT!!!

1 comment:

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