Monday, October 8, 2012

Scarf Swap Reveal: Two for One

scarf is the must have fall accessory
like must have!
a few weeks ago i signed up for a scarf swap and got paired with Shawn. seriously she is amazing. not only did we get to know each other well and can call her a friend, but she picked the BEST scarf ever for me!
she took time to get to know ME.

here's what i got in the mail:
she got me an amazing green scarf with polka dots and doggie bones for my furrbabies. and the scarf is my new gameday scarf!!!! it goes so well with my green and gold gear. seriously awesome. right?!? 

doesn't it look awesome?!?

and since shawn doesn't have a blog, YET...
here's her reveal!!!


What girl doesn't love packages peaking out of her mailbox right?  I opened my envolope with a little trepidation I must admit...only because I really wanted to love the new addition to my scarf family!  I wondered how another person could shop for me after just a short email describling (in a nutshell) my tastes.  How do you describe yourself and what you do and do not like in one short email.

When I opened my package I was floored to say the least!  I'm a bit of a scarf-snob (is there such a thing?), and I'm a solid color girl when it comes to my sweaters and blouses (typically)..simply because I love to dress my outfits up with scarves and find I can create many looks with one solid top and a variety of scarves.  I also love color and live in WV, so our climate can tend to be very cool.  A lightweight scarf would have been worn, but not right now and not very often.  I so hoped maybe one of these criteria would be a match to what I was about to unwrap!
Amazed is the word that comes to mind when I think about what I first thought when I saw "her."  Everything I'd hoped for was in my hands and what made it even more special was that someone else shopped for me while thinking about what it was that I liked in a scarf.  In todays society I think we often just grab a gift because we're very busy, or we purchase gift cards because we can be assured the person on the receiving end will enjoy your gift because they picked it out themselves. 

Here I am at my sister's birthday party! It was "Scarfinia's (yep my son named her) first outing with me, and the first words out of my sister's mouth..."Hi Sis! Wow..that's a really pretty scarf...where did you get it!"  And the scarf-swap story ensued!  Then my other sister arrived at the restaurant, her first words to me.."Hi there! You look that scarf new?" I felt like movie star!! And I'm thinking of tracking Scarfinia's travels and letting you know from time to time where she has been!

I just finished packing to go out of town and one of the scarves I packed was the lovely one!

thanks so much for reading about our awesome swap!! linked up with the lovely host allie.



  1. Swaps are so much fun! :) I really love the scarf you received, such a bright, fun color. Visiting from the scarf swap, hope you have a great night, Kristen!

  2. I love both scarves! It was so sweet of Shawn to include cookies for your pets! Thanks to both of you for participating!!

  3. What a cute scarf! I love swaps!