Friday, October 26, 2012


{1}i found some new jewels on sale @ banana

{2}a christmas nail polish advent calendar?!? heaven help me!

{3}red ribbon week at school....drugs get "da boot!"

{4}enjoy the small moments in the day. enjoy the monster bars i made!

{5}i got calls for two interviews set up for next week. awesome-sauce! prayers and fingers crossed!

happy friday yall!
remember the small things


  1. love your outfit! it also looks like you did well at banana! gotta love a good sale :)

  2. Love the boots!

    I need a nail polish advent calendar! Not that I need something to make me more excited for Christmas or anything...

    Have a good weekend!

  3. omg I loveeeee your new pieces of jewels you scored!!! love the turtle shelled cuff!

    and your cookie looks scrumcious!!!

    Found you through the H54F link!! Happy Friday! xo, Bev

  4. Love those Banana Republic bracelets!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. 1. WHAT! where did you find that calendar?!!?!?!?! MUSTHAVEITTT!!!
    2. I am lovin the boots, really the whole outfit, actually.
    3. mmmmm Diet coke and a sweet treat!
    4. Congrats on the interviews!!

  6. Nail polish advent calendar?!? Love!

  7. Nail polish advent calendar!? That sounds amazing! I think I want one!!
    Also, good luck for your interviews. :)
    Dropping by from the GFC blog hop. :)

  8. A nail polish advent calendar?! I want!

    Congrats and good luck with the interviews!

  9. omg is that for REAL?? i gotta get that calendar. that is so me it isn't even funny. found and following via the blog hop! :)

  10. LOVIN the new jewelry! So fancy pants. Good Luck on your interviews!

  11. Are you long term subbing right now? And congrats on the interviews!!! Sending happy thoughts your way! :)