Thursday, October 18, 2012

CCT: Nail Art

if you've been around the block with me
you know i have a slight nail polish addiction.
it's actually embarrassing but hey...
it is what it is.

and thanks to the awesome-sauce of pinterest
i have been obsessed with at home nail designs!
i'm not brave enough to venture away from dots yet but...
that doesn't keep me from dreaming!
(click each pic for the link)

have you tried any of these???
what's your favorite design?

linked up with yellow umbrella design & framed frosting



  1. Okay, I think we need to do our first blog date getting our nails done in some pattern above and then our next one being at the CIA! Can you tell I'm nervous about cooking? At least I can't burn down the nail salon... :) I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Ohh love the pink triangle sparkles :)

  3. So pretty. I LOVE the black w/glitter! I think I might do that today now. But, with grey. The pink ones are super cute too!

  4. Most of the time my nails go without being painted because they're constantly chipping but these are beautiful.

  5. so obsessed with these designs! i wish i had the patience to do this!

    found the route

  6. Have you seen some of the "Baylor-themed" nails floating around Pinterest? I love them!