Friday, September 28, 2012


[1]whole foods opened up this week and its ten minutes away. amazing. that place is i ended up with some goodies...including the best chocolate cake i've ever had.
[2]our kitchen renovation started this week. praying that their part is done today. now all that should be left is to stain the cabinets (which we are doing ourselves...pray for us) and new light fixtures.
[3]i upgraded my julep october box. yippee. cannot wait. look at all those gorgeous fall colors! i'm like a kid in a candy shop.
[4]i didn't really plan on no oven/stove top for four days...this was dinner last night.
[5]i officially started and finished four books this week. matched/crossed/where we belong/heart of the matter. all were fab but the last...

ok i'm ready for a great weekend with great friends and a little r&r with military man.



  1. Whole Foods is the BEST! And I totally agree with you about Emily Giffin's "The Heart of the Matter", but I finished it anyway.

    Happy Friday! xoxo

  2. Goodluck with your new kitchen!! That is really exciting!

  3. whole foods is so good but oh so dangerous!! good luck with the kitchen renovs

  4. Hope your kitchen renovation goes well! Happy weekend!

  5. those nail colors are awesome. i wish i could pull them off. this is my first visit to your blog: i love the navy chevron!